Paint Stencil & Sandblasting Film

Paint stencil films

A range of films specifically designed for lacquering and painting works. There are 3 films in the range, for flat, rough and flexible surfaces so there is a specific product for every application and surface.

The special adhesive systems ensure sharp and clear contours and are resistant to aggressive solvent based colours.

Flat Surfaces Stencil Film
For paint applications on smooth surfaces such as acrylic sheeting.

Rough Facade Stencil Film
For paint applications on rough surfaces such as fascades, woodchip paper or plastered interior walls.

Flexible Surfaces Stencil Film
For paint applications on flexible surfaces such as awnings and vehicles.

Sandblasting stencil films

This range of sandblasting films have been developed for glass, stone, plastics or steel applications.

The self-adhesive stencil films are available in thicknesses from 80 µm to 330 µm for all applications, surfaces and pressures. They guarantee perfect edges and the special adhesive system will ensure removal without leaving any residues.

Heavy Duty Sandblasting Film
Heavy duty film for natural stone and metal. 330 μm

Premium Duty Sandblasting Film
A thicker version of the medium duty film for glass or stone. 250 μm

Medium Duty Sandblasting Film
Medium duty film for glass or polished stone. 180 μm

Light Duty Sandblasting Film
Light duty film for glass. 80 μm

certified distributors

If you are a sign maker you can purchase the DeTape range of products from our official distributors. They guarantee to stock the full range of sign vinyls, application tape and tools so you can always easily get hold of DeTape products when you need them. Distributors also offer complimentary colour swatches upon request.